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Wireless vs. Dial-up

What is the difference between wireless and dial-up.

  • Dial-up requires that you use a phone line to dial into our RAS access server to make a connection.  Wireless uses an outside antenna to connect to one of towers offering wireless service. A phone line is not required to connect and you may remain connected 24/7 if desired unlike dial-up. Wireless connection speeds are up to 8x faster then dial-up.

Is dial-up service available in my area.

  • Currently dial-up is only available to users able to dial 785-336-2026 numbers as a local call.

Will I be able to get wireless service.

  • You must be able to establish line of sight from your roof top to one of our towers and within 9 miles.  We currently have 13 tower sites offering wireless Internet and growing.  Give us a call and we will do a site survey to determine if we can reach you with service.

What if I am out of range of your wireless Internet service.

  • We are planning in the coming months to upgrade many of our tower sites to newer technology that is able to pass through trees and other obstacles.  It also has extended range and requires in most cases a smaller antenna.  So please check back with us to see if we can reach you in the near future.