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Latest news: NVCS has added V.92 support to our dialup servers.
Q: What is V.92?
A: V.92 makes a faster modem connection with the Quick Connect feature, the increased PCM Upstream data rate, and V.44 compression. Using Call Waiting, the dial-in user can now use Modem-on-Hold for answering incoming calls and making outgoing calls, all without losing the modemís data connection to the ISP.
Q: What are the benefits from using V.92?
A: The Quick Connect feature reduces the dial-up userís initial connect time with the ISP. The PCM Upstream data rate is increased from 33.6 kbps to 48 kbps. With Modem-on-Hold, the dial-in user can accept incoming calls and initiate outgoing calls for extended periods of time without losing the modem connection to the ISP. The compression ratio of V.44 is significantly higher due to its design for Internet-content data.
Q: Do I have to use all these features all the time with my V.92 modem, or can I choose them?
A: The dial-in user can enable or disable any or all of the V.92 features. Please consult the documentation provided with your modem.
Q: How does the Quick Connect feature help me?
A: The V.92 modem maintains a profile of dial-up connections. When making the same dial-up connection, the modem will remember the specific line conditions to the ISP to eliminate going through the complete training sequence. This reduces the connection time from approximately 20 seconds to about 10 seconds via V.92-equipped modems.
Q: How much faster will my connection speed be with PCM upstream?
A: The upstream connection speed is increased 40% (from 33.6 kbps to 48 kbps) over V.90 modem rates. Benefits include reduced transfer time for sending large attachments e-mail messages, for uploading files to an ftp site, and for responding more quickly in interactive, on-line gaming. Other examples include faster uploading of information from Internet-connected digital cameras or video-conferencing equipment.
Q: My modem does not support v0.92 but I would like it to?
A: If your modem is not v0.92 please check the manufacturers website for updated drivers for v0.92 support. If none are available we have v0.92 modems for as little as 15$.